Feb 19, 2018

Zoning is a big deal and most people overlook it. I looked at 4 old town properties recently and they were all listed as RES, R, and Residential, like the example below.

R Zoning means nothing in Old Town Loveland.This should read R3E, meaning the city MIGHT allow multi-family, which means money to an investor.

Loveland is very friendly to investors and multifamily re-development. Most realtors don't give this opportunity the weight it deserves. I feel like it is a way for a savvy buyer to invest in the future of the property.

It has been beneficial to myself and my clients over the years to not only understand what a property IS but also what it COULD be. There is a housing crunch coming in the future and meaning that having a realtor who understands this is invaluable.

#FactsMatter #Realty #NoCoRealtor

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